Feb 12 2015


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With the high cost of attending college, and rising higher each year, it’s tough to provide a good college education for your children.  Although it’s not a full-ride, there is some help to be had for the children of FOP members in good standing.

The first local resource is the Gladys Dauch Scholarship from FOP #21. Gladys Dauch was a staunch supporter of law enforcement who left a sizeable investment donation to the lodge many years ago. The interest and dividends from these investments is distributed to the children of FOP members in good standing that have paid dues for at least eight consecutive years prior to retirement or up to the point of the application. This money is split among all of the qualified recipients at the end of the school year. The amounts in recent years have ranged from $350 to $550. For further information, download the application here: Gladys Dauch Scholarship By-Laws Rules and Regulations with Application

The second local resource is the Howard N. “Butch” Pangle Scholarship which is administered through the FOPA in conjunction with Agnes and Neal Pangle. This non-renewing $500 scholarship is a competitive scholarship given to any child of any Lima and Allen County school who is going to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. The application can be downloaded from here: Pangle Scholarship Application

The next resource is a highly competitive $4,000 scholarship payable in eight $500 increments over a four year school period. This scholarship is awarded by the Fraternal Order of Police Associates of Ohio to a graduating high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is a member in good standing of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio. You can download that application from here: FOPA State Application-16